Guest Lecture on Personal Branding For Success 23-09-2019

Personal Branding For Success

Guest Lecture on Personal Branding For Success held on 23-09-2019 in our College campus. After formal welcoming by Students, Guest Ms. Prathibha Gupta founder, CEO, Ornate Image Consulting, Chennai has delivered a guest lecture on personal branding for success. She introduced a new idea from the Alphabet ABC (A-Appearance, B-Body language and C-Communication). She clearly explained about non verbal and verbal communication by activity with the help of students. How students have to show their gestures and postures in interview were suggested by miss. Prathibha She conveyed some ideas about hand shaking. The whole session was alive and useful for students. The students were learned and involved throughout the session enthusiastically. The Guest Lecture end with vote of Thanks by Principal

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