Chairman Message

From The Chairman's Desk

Thiru. Dr. K. V. Kupusamy is a shining example to show how one could rise from a humble beginning to the level of a chairman, presiding over an empire of educational institutions, by dint of hard work, dedication and devotion to a committed cause. To him, the panacea for the maladies of mankind lies in Education, Healthcare and farming. Accordingly he has accomplished, making indelible marks in all these sectors. He has proved and distinguished himself as a great visionary and an able administrator. He has carved out a niche in the Educational arena by establishing about 45 reputed educational institutions dotted all over Tamilnadu. His insatiable interest for agriculture has resulted in the formation of exuberant agricultural farms at Tenkasi, Dadankulam, Thanjavur, Sempatti and Sengathurai.

His soft corner for healthcare is reflected by the RVS Allopathic, Ayurveda, Homeopathy and Siddha Hospitals in addition to the respective educational institutions. Known for his magnanimity, munificence, spiritual bent of mind and suave cool demeanour, he is widely recognized and respected. In recognition of his services to the society he has been rewarded with several awards such as Doctor of Philosophy in Education by Dianora University (Italy – 1993), “Glory of India” by international friendship society of India (1994), “Vidya Jothi”, “Vijay Shree”, “Bharath Jothi” and Udyog Excellence. In short he is an embodiment of accomplishments in the right way and right direction. In recognition of his illustrious services to Kongu bastion of Tamilnadu, he was given the covetous award ‘Kongu Nattu Sadhanaiyalar’ on 07.02.2011 at the hands of Arutchelvar Sri. N. Mahalingam in a largely attended glittering ceremony organized by the NIA Educational Institution at Pollachi.